Misfit Toy

Manic Depression: I feel like her

Last week marked the one year anniversary since my breakdown and hospitalization. They played “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” on the TV there. When the song “Why Am I Such a Misfit?” came on, I couldn’t help but laugh and note the irony. I was wearing scrub-like pajamas and no shoes– it was deemed that the straps on my shoes were a suffocation hazard. I was really pissed at the media coverage of Britney Spears’ mental illness (which they were not yet calling bipolar disorder) because, I said indignantly, “Mental illness is not entertainment!” There was a boy there, Tom, who was almost catatonic, probably from being overmedicated. In fact, there were a lot of Cal students there: Island of Misfit Toys?


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